Measuring educational inequality: competing normative foundations

Host Institution

TU Dortmund University | Center for Research on Education and School Development

  • Dortmund, Germany
  • Academic monitoring of the implementation of school reforms; hosting of international large-scale assessments and training programs
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Short Description

The early-stage researcher will conduct a research project on “Concepts and Measures of Educational Inequality: Competing Normative Foundations”. The objectives are comparisons of different measures of educational inequality in achievement (e.g., socio-economic gaps, dispersion measures) and of studies based upon these measures. A further aim is to reveal and investigate normative accounts that underlie various inequality measures (e.g., capability approach, human capital). International data (e.g., PISA, PIAAC, TIMSS) shall be used to study educational inequality for different cohorts and educational stages (e.g., primary, secondary, further education). The project aims to guide future research on how to operationalize and measure educational inequalities in educational studies and policy analyses (e.g., using performance standards).


The early-stage researcher will profit from local training at TU Dortmund University and the OCCAM training components including four 5- to 10-day network-wide workshops, a 6-month secondment, and 3-week research visits at other consortium member organizations (see consortium information). This will contribute to the international, intersectoral, and interdisciplinary experience OCCAM provides.

Salary and Benefits

The early-stage researcher will receive a full-time position contract for 36 months at TU Dortmund University. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Networks offer highly attractive salary and working conditions. The monthly payment consists of living, mobility, and family allowances (depending on the family situation).