Laura Raffaella Zieger

University College London | Institute of Education | London | United Kingdom

PhD Project

Investigations on the scaling methodology used in PISA

  • The impact of background variables on the PISA plausible values
  • The impact of methodological changes between the cycles on the PISA plausible values

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2018: Master of Science in Data science at TU Dortmund University in Dortmund, Germany
  • 2016: Bachelor of Science in Data analysis and management at TU Dortmund University in Dortmund, Germany
Work Experience
  • 2013-2018: Research assistant at Institute for Research on Education and School Development, TU Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany
  • 2017-2018: Internship at FFT Education Datalab in London, United Kingdom
Publications and Presentations
  • Zieger, L. R. (2019, November). Conditioning: How background variables influence PISA scores. Presentation at the departmental seminar series (QuaFo) at the Center for Research on Education and School Development, Dortmund.
  • Anders, J., Häs, S., Jerrim, J., Shure, N., & Zieger, L. (2019, September). Is Canada really an Education “Super Power”? Non-Response and Representativeness in PISA. Presentation at the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Hamburg.
  • Zieger, L. R., Jerrim, J., & Sims, S. (2019). Comparing teachers’ job satisfaction across countries. A multiple-pairwise measurement invariance approach. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 38(3), 75-85.
  • Zieger, L. R. (2019, February). Statistical methodology in PISA 2012 and 2015: Changes, challenges and possible impact. Poster presentation at the UCL Doctoral School Research Poster Competition, London.
  • Steinmann, I., Zieger, L. R., Hogrebe, N., & Strietholt, R. (2016). Lesen Kinder, die nicht in der Kita waren, am Ende der Grundschule schlechter? In R. Strietholt, W. Bos, H. G. Holtappels, & N. McElvany (eds.): Jahrbuch der Schulentwicklung Band 19: Daten, Beispiele und Perspektiven (pp 161-185). Weinheim, Basel: Beltz Juventa.
  • Bos, W., Drossel, K., & Zieger, L. (2014). Kinder- und Jugendarbeit in Dortmund: Studie zur Situation freiwillig Mitarbeitender in der Dortmunder Kinder- und Jugendarbeit. Dortmund: Jugendring Dortmund.
Academic Teaching
  • 2016: Analysis of large-scale assessments with R: data management, missing values, variance estimation, plausible values
Further Qualifications
  • 2016: Spring School on Advanced Methods in Educational Research (Longitudinal Structure Equation Modeling) in Oslo, Norway
  • 2015: Spring School on Advanced Methods in Educational Research (Measurement Theory and Models) in Dortmund, Germany