OCCAM PhD Projects

The ETN OCCAM involves 15 exceptional early-career researchers (ESRs). Their single projects are categorized in three thematic Working Groups following an overarching research plan. Each ESR is full-time employed by one of the consortium members. All ESRs receive a joint interdisciplinary, intersectorial, and international training that includes research visits and a secondment at different partner organizations.

Working Group 1: The Integrity of Educational Outcome Measures

Edwin Cuellar

The influence of item format and scoring on score comparability More on ESR project no. 1

Andrés Christiansen

Does one size fit all? Evaluating the cross-cultural validity of constructs More on ESR project no. 2

Erika Majoros

Linking recent and older IEA studies on mathematics and science More on ESR project no. 3

Olesya Gladushyna

The integrity of test scores for national monitoring and comparative research More on ESR project no. 4

Andrés Strello

Measuring educational inequality: competing normative foundations More on ESR project no. 5

Laura Raffaella Zieger

Investigations on the scaling methodology used in PISA More on ESR project no. 6

Working Group 2: Governance of Human and Financial Resources and Decision Making

Pietro Sancassani

Reforms of teacher professionalization/accountability More on ESR project no. 7

Wangqiong Ye

Quality at the cost of equity? Performance management, school autonomy, and instructional quality More on ESR project no. 8

Emilie Franck

Effectiveness of educational priority policies More on ESR project no. 9

Elisa Salinas

Assessing the association between teacher workforce policies and student outcomes More on ESR project no. 10
Leah Natasha Glassow

Teaching quality and school segregation: perpetuating inequalities More on ESR project no. 11

Working Group 3: Educational Settings and Processes

Jelena Veletić

Transformational and instructional leadership as levers of learning More on ESR project no. 12

Evi-Evropi Konstantinidou

The impact of generic and content-specific teaching practices More on ESR project no. 13

Silvan Häs

Children from workless backgrounds and the mediating role of parents More on ESR project no. 14

Ana María Mejía Rodríguez

Distal and proximal causes of student achievement More on ESR project no. 15